XCP token Lost?

I am not able to see the 0.0012 XCP in my poloniex account. I have transferred it from counter wallet.
Below is the detail of hash

Send Details

Transaction Hash d4eb22cd95922b94ae42c868890b25069b19aeedb32a3e5a82cd924dc91b0bfc
TX Index 1,072,749
Block # 484,803
Time 5 hours ago (2017-09-12T08:31:51Z GMT)
Asset XCP
Quantity 0.00120000
Source 16SewrjSLZVpeZrqcW5eAeSTyt5rvcv5gB
Destination 1AAZECnGvZLtXrsmnTyVCqFpcit9UazcCY
Status valid

Sometimes it takes a day until the poloniex account gets updated with the transaction. If it is not there tomorrow then make a ticket at poloniex.

It Still do not reflect in Poloneix.