Will a $0.01 fee transaction go through?

Just for fun I broadcast a tx with $0.01 fee.
I did manage to push it to the network with CounterTools.
And I do see it on Blocktrail - https://www.blocktrail.com/BTC/tx/c6264decca29fc34ffc2cff221a162ef70e63b0fb189f76b06d7c2c8804a50fe#tx_counterparty
… but not on other explorers, and most nodes will not relay it.
Interesting to see if it ever will get confirmed.

It’s still stuck as expected - required relay fee is 2105, which means the node uses the common policy of not relaying transactions with fees below 0.00005 BTC/kB.

2015 sats would still be a good tx fee for this tx, although setting it wouldn’t guarantee it’d get included either, it would merely let it be relayed (unless next time you happen to be connected to nodes which have a higher minimum relay fee than that).

It’s gone through.
Took almost 6 days


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