What's your favorite Counterparty project? And why?

Just wonder. Quite a few of them projects out there. Which is YOUR favorite? Why is it?

I like no projects but I hate Spells of Genesis. If the merf*ers make a TREVORCARD i will love them :rage:

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LOL I want a trevor card too!

I like Scotcoin. Scot’s would be so much happier transacting on the blockchain than having to use those English queen coins every day. Also they are really good at using all the counterparty tools from coinvennd to chrome wallet to counterwallet.

Mine is FoldingCoin, but its probably bias because thats the project i am involved in :smiley: though using the blockchain to give an incentive to fold for the cure is pretty f-ing cool IMO.


But can i ask why you do not like SOG? I feel it is a pretty great use case for the blockchain, though that might also be bias because I am a 15 year Magic the Gathering player so naturally i love it :smiley:

I think he’s just joking. Trevor is this badass character from GTA5. A Trevor card would be cool though :smiley:

My favorite is Tokenly. They’ve made some really neat tools for Counterparty (e.g. Tokenly Pockets and Swapbot).


I am out of touch with video games with the exception of StarCraft so i guess this went over my head :smiley:
Tokenly is a great one to, probably number 2 followed by SOG

My favorite is Coindaddy

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I like Storj Coin (SJCX), seems like one of the few crypto assets that has a clear path to relevancy and utility.