What will finally happen to the "unable to decode output address" for bter deposit


I just noticed it is not only me got these weird issue.

  1. I send my counterparty asset token to Bter address
  2. It take about 30 minutes to show on the blockchain
  3. I waited 6 confirmations as indicated on BTER.COM.
  4. AFTER MORE THAN 70 confirmations, the balance is not credited to my account.
  5. checked the tx on blockchain.info, it appears “unable to decode output address”

My questions is:

  1. will the transaction finally reach my bter account or not. cuz, it appears “DONE” but simply not credited to my account.

  2. what makes this happen? i find dozens “unable to decode output address” on blockchain.info
    apparently, they are all counterwallet transaction. cuz the btc moving are all 0.000005430


final question, what happened to all you who got the same issue. I think ppl face the same problem doing deposit to poloniex.

Thanks very much and sorry for the wording, i am trying my best to clarify the issue.

the problem is solved. just be patient with XCP token and bter. it varys from few minutes to days for transaction.

Hi, have the same issue. I sended BTC into my XCP/BTC wallet on counterwallet.