Pending XCP Deposit


I have withdrawn some XCP from Poloniex and deposited it to Bter on 8th of May, 2017. Even though I got a transaction id from poloniex and the same is showing on XCP blockchain, it is not yet deposited to Bter XCP Wallet. I did create ticket to bter support for which they did not respond and without any notification from yesterday they have disabled xcp deposit. So is it possible to recover my deposit?

I guess 2 things can happen:

  1. Bter got the XCP and must send them back.
  2. Bter did not get the XCP, so the transaction is still in the network and either will be cancelled after some days and you get the XCP back or 1)

I got a response from bter that they are working to fix the wallet for now. I hope I will get my deposit back. :sweat:. will post on new update.

Translate XCP to your wallet on the Ever written what I did, and the wallet does not appear. Blockchain says that is already 7 confirmations. What to do?

If you sent a transaction and it has confirmed, then Counterparty and Bitcoin have worked flawlessly… and your issue is with the exchange.

Contact the exchange where your depositing funds and ask what is going on.