Wallets take fee like Banks so whats good in this?

Here is my question
these Wallets and coins came to change the rules of banks
but now everywhere we go , they ask us FEE !
why they beg for it ?
I cant see any advantages in this program
while I was watching some events that happend years ago
people of a country were in a bad situation so they heard about bitcoin
they left the banks and they bought bitcoins
you know what happend ?
some hackers did a Cyber attack and snatched all their moneys
is this what we want ? I cant find any solution for this program when everyone can hack you
cause this is not the real world
your money is not in your hands or wallet in your pocket
its on net
and I know some people came here to make me understand that this program is good
but at the end the answer is here : those who steal will be kings and those who works still stay as workers
and always we have an excuse for it and saying :
they take fee because they do things for us or they give us some tools or bla bla …
we want to be free from the system , we want to send our money everywhere without anybody’s hand in between
but those who give us these wallets or coins or anything like this make us freeze or they stick us to a place and they close all the doors on us , the only way is paying them then they give you more freedom