Send storjx to wallet poloneix

hi i want to send my storj to my wallet on poloneix but the counterwallet always need more btc fee to do the transaction i can’t send any storj to my walleti have add mor than 0.0015 btc how to do thanks

as I know , they had done a stupid contract with miners and this is why they ask for 2 mili fee for any little works
and too when I saw counterwallet market , I think its a dead market , just useful for counterparty and no other coins , they dont do sell and buy btc but they ask fee for btc because they are stupid or maybe they think people are stupid
and the other thing I saw in this site and in these forums , its ignoring people like us , they dont talk with us , cause this system is just good for those who have much money to pay !!!
this is why our question has no answer , because we are nothing to them !!
but I dont give a damn about this
who are they ? they are nothing to me , sooner I will remove my account and leave that stupid wallet , one day we will have a right place , one day we will have a real world , trusted world without these fucking systems, bank systems , they eat money !!
now come and remove me from here admin
cause I dont like anyone of you as you ignore us , we will ignore you too