Pooooofff! Were my btc stolen? [NO. All fees switched it off my chance]


I had 0.008 BTC i have ordered for 3 XCP then i have canceled. Before evaporating i had 0.0039 BTC but now i have cancelled all bitcoins were stolen ¿Why this happens to me?:triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:

Can i create my asset in peace? Probably not…

I have copypasted the 12 mnemonics words as well as i have received. Even this morning i have done the cancellation. So it guess that all money i have pending to spend must carry back to my wallet. I’m angry right now :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

Please tell me what can i do to recover my btc to create my assets as mandatory…

I’ve checked the following hash



I don’t now if i should back my coins to have my wallet, i REALLY need them

I guess the problem is counterwallet transactions even in exchange need bitcoin fee. If you use default fee for bitcoin this is currently 0.002 BTC because bitcoin blockchain is overloaded with transactions currently and segwit is not adopted widely yet and will come to counterwallet maybe next month. And even cancelling exchange transactions cost fee. So I guess you had 0.008 btc and lost 0.002 btc in two transactions and another two cancellations = 4 x 0.002 btc = 0.008 btc so you stand will nothing left, I’m sorry.

What could have been done to prevent that:

  1. In counterwallet set transaction fee to a low value like 10 sat/byte = 0.0002 btc per transaction or exchange. It then may take upto one day until exchange transaction goes through. But check that time gets not inf in https://bitcoinfees.earn.com/

  2. Do not trade BTC for XCP in counterwallet but in a market like Bittrex. There you can set exchange request and cancel them without any fees. But you still need to transfer it to counterwallet finally and 0.002 btc transaction fee in BitTrex is also mandatory.

Currently no good time for small transaction on the bitcoin blockchain. But I hope for wider segwit implementation usage.

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Then, all hopes to have my own altcoin this week are gone :see_no_evil:

I got to face that i’ve scrulled off the opportunity.

So what kind of faucet has xcp for free or something like?

There’s no faucet that I know off, but couple of ideas:

a) Maybe you can buy coins at a centralized exchange (if they’re traded there)
b) If you can get BTC, then you can buy XCP (for example Poloniex, etc.). There’s also “tradebot” ShapeShift, but make sure you understand how it works before you attempt to use it.

As the above comment said, no cancellation and order fees on centralized exchanges. Only if the order is matched and executed then you pay a commission (maybe 0.2% of the order value).

As replied in “How to use BTC in mainnet” i’m gotta stick myself in faucets