Walet.counterwallet.io has no support team to reach

Crypto Was Sent But Not Received Destination Address
I have sent NEONcash to to Coinbase through wallet. counterwallet.io
It shows Crypto was sent receiver could not see the amount. how can we fix this problem
I try to reach wallet.counterwallet.io but hey don’t have support team

if you sent funds to an address, the address received them, you probably just can’t see the funds in the address because your not using a counterparty compatible wallet/service.

xchain.io is a block explorer that shows all counterparty transactions… lookup your address here and you’ll see that the funds were sent fine

we have tried that we see the transaction sent but the receiver dos not see the the transaction.
how can he retransfer the fund back to the sender?

I just want to convert the neocash to btc or even xcp. Please assist me. Shouldn’t the address I sent it to even incompatible be able to sent the neocash to me with enough btc?

if you have the private key to the address, then you should be able to perform actions from that address, including sending funds back

i did see the transaction but can you simply show me how to retrieve back to my wallet.
I do have the private key to the address but i do not know what to do to sending funds back?