Voxelus vs CoinDaddy

Voxelus is angry at CoinDaddy. I sent them an email asking why. Here’s the response

We never heard of CoinDaddy until this week. They took it upon themselves to illegally use the name of our coin and logo (they’ve since removed our logo) on their site without our knowledge or permission. They then contacted us and asked us for $100,000 to reserve our own name on their low-traffic site (it’s not even in the top million sites). When we said no, they said “how about $300” - this is a very shady group and Voxelus’ lawyers will be sending a cease and desist letter asap to them so they stop illegally using our name and posting their lies about us in forums when they have absolutely nothing to do with Voxels (and Voxels has nothing to do with Counterparty).

I hope this answers your questions in full - CoinDaddy has staged a bizarre attempt to profit from our name as a form of cyber-blackmail when they have absolutely no relationship with us. And they will pay for this…

Judge for yourself. I did some googling and found this.
The team of Voxelus are
Halsey Minor
Martín Repetto
Máximo Radice

Mr Minor blew up a billion dollar company and filed for bankruptcy. I think this says it all.

Follow-up email:

We never heard of CoinDaddy until this week. I doubt that Martin posted the item you’re pointing to (just because it references his email does not mean it was posted by him, just like your site improperly using our coin Voxel’s name does not mean you have the right to do so… Please remove all mentions of Voxel from CoinDaddy and affiliated sites and stop posted your misleading links into forums or there will be consequences.


Who gave you those emails?

Are you sure it was coindaddy.io ?? or perhaps it was just one of the coindaddy’s site users as they (coindaddy) serves as an escrow for assets and registrations.

Yeah, I think it is clear that Voxelus does not really have a handle on what is going on. They think CoinDaddy registered VOXEL, VOXELS, and VOXELUS and is somehow holding them ransom or something.

I, J-Dog, the owner/operator of CoinDaddy received an email yesterday from the CEO Martin Repetto asking why CoinDaddy was using his logo and name and asking CoinDaddy to stop. I replied to his email and kindly tried to explain that he was confused, and that CoinDaddy was not the one who registered the assets, but rather some other user registered the assets and had listed them for sale on the CoinDaddy site.

Mr Martín Repetto did not seem interested in listening to any explanations and instead decided that the best route was to threaten legal action. I once again tried to explain how coming after CoinDaddy would be much like going after GoDaddy for one of their users registering a domain using their service, he replied that he was confident that I was mistaken, that he had screenshots of CoinDaddy using his logo, and that registering an asset was very different than registering a domain name.

I one final time tried to advise Mr Repetto that he was confused and requested that he do a bit of research on counterparty and what an asset is, before wasting his time and money engaging lawyers.

For the record, neither I nor CoinDaddy, llc. own the VOXEL, VOXELS or VOXELUS assets and I have never had any correspondence with anyone at Voxelus other than to respond to the one email I received today from Martin Repetto asking about the VOXEL assets.

I will be watching my mailbox in the coming weeks and should any legal action be taken, I will just let my lawyers at manatt.com deal with it.

Edit: If anyone knows what forums/posts the Voxelus guys are referring to, please post links here… I would be curious to see the correspondence/posts.

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What an aweful name/brand, it doesn’t pass the radio test, the spell test or even the coolness test. The universe is doing these guys a favour.

Incredible that they don’t understand the difference between an asset holder and a service provider for asset holders.

CoinDaddy and Voxelus have been in communication and have resolved this issue amicably. The CoinDaddy website has been updated to indicate that the VOXEL, VOXELS, and VOXELUS asset ownership is not for sale.


These assets will remain as ‘Not for Sale’ for the term of the Voxelus crowdsale in order to avoid any confusion.

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