Indisquare Counterwallet - which bitcoin & CP server does it use?

I browsed through the code but couldn’t find the connect strings.
Does someone know which servers are used?

They use their own servers, they state that in the interview that i had with them, but @cointea1121 could ellaborate more here

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@something is there anything particular you would like to know more about the servers we use?

We needed some hacking of Counterpartyd and made some modifications. that’s the main reason we use our own server though I can elaborate more if you have any specific questions


Not really, I was just curious because after a quick checking (I didn’t look very long) I didn’t see the host names I source code on Github.

(I submitted one issue there, don’t know if you had time to read it)

Oh, I will have Yuta take a look at the issue you submitted, Thanks for the feedback!