CP Wallet & coindaddy site down?

Hi any ideas here - lots seem down right now?


received an update from J-Dog - Yes… our upstream provider http://OVH.com is having some networking issues which should be resolved shortly :slight_smile: - can close this ticket…

Yep, and incidentally CW is hosted at the same provider.

Ye - thats why I thought it doubly weird that both were gone/. Maybe a future thought on failover/redundancy, here? CP is basically wiped out right now! With one cable issue http://status.ovh.com/?do=details&id=11304

and… why does the CP wallet always say UP - when its clearly not UP…

Well, technically counterwallet.io is up (a different server), but wallet.cointerwallet.io is down :slight_smile:
That probe needs to be modified, I guess.

Btw, one cable issue but on multiple cables at the same time.

All I know is for a service to be down for 3 hours with no possibility of failover to another ‘cable’ is a bit worrying…

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What needs to happen to ensure failover in the future? Is there something I, we, the community can do here?

You could setup a Federated Node but it takes hours for the blockchain to download, by then it’s likely this link will be recovered. It costs $50/month to run a CW server so it’s not a cheap hobby.

Or you could use IndieSquare wallet, I think their servers are in Japan.

Thanks for that…

We would take the costs for another CW server if this would prevent an outage like this, would need help on install and config though. If anyone can work with us on this please email derek@scotcoin.org

It would probably be more effective to persuade @jdogresorg to create a DR plan, and then send him some referrals and market his site a bit through newsletters and stuff. :smile:

Edit: to clarify my points from earlier: