User spends more than it has

For our internal use, we created a balance calculation tool. While we were testing it on different “high-loaded” assets, we found an interesting balance difference.

Address: 1GcFhAQGFZVDAr4jiR2tKwisHcgNUjhGNC
TX: 9fc731aaa2afd8d59a52a1ebe6799c5948b9bce63e2361efbcbb70cfb3664c1b
User spends 7474.62346375LTBCOIN, whereas he has only 3474.62346375 on that moment.

We manually went through last 7 pages of transactions, and summed all “ins” and “outs” and got the same result in blockscan as we got in our script.

Three questions:

  1. How was that possible?
  2. Where are those 4000 LTBCOINS
  3. If it’s a bug, is there any possibility that it could be repeated in future?

That’s actually my address, hahaha

I think that’s probably a dividend transaction and may have been affected by the issue discussed here,


To see the detailed credit debit transaction please use the following. This will show the exact details about the asset sums ( option available under the address page)

And to view the credit / debit entries for a particular asset class like Ltbcoin use ( available under the asset info page, TXS tab)


Dividends received now also show up under the address transactions details. for ex :

The problem was really because our script didn’t fetch dividends correctly.
Thanks @loon3, @mtbitcoin