Balances blockscan and counterpartychain dont match

Check largest two asset holders

On counterpartychain: 7,777,777,777,777,777,664 and 232,023,213,443,443,232
On blockscan: 7777777777777778000 and 232023213443443222

Ha! That’s funny.
The current value is whatever you get by querying the counterparty server.

I think @jdogresorg’s figure is wrong - the numbers don’t add up to 8.01 TN (or whatever) so it seems he’s been rounding those holding numbers.
I don’t have counterparty-server running now otherwise I’d verify this in the CLI.

I’ll dig into this in a bit and figure out why the numers are displaying wrong… I just checked the database and I am storing the correct numbers, so it appears to be a display issue… at any rate… i’ll spend some more time tomorrow looking into this issue further and get it fixed.

Thanks for the heads-up blessed and something :smiley:

Update: This display issue has since been fixed.