SWARM shows on Blockscan & not in Counterwallet

Per blockscan, there are 3 Swarm deposits, however in my counterwallet the 7-16-15 SWARM transaction does not show in the wallet. I searched counterparty talk but couldnt find anything on this. I am sure someone has submitted an issue like this I just couldnt find it. Thanks for the help.

Have you tried coindaddy’s counterwallet?

so if you are referring to the history tab in Counterwallet, just know that it is really inaccurate. I never use the history in counterwallet, i always use blockscan or coindaddy. The issue would be if the amounts are not correct in your wallet on counterwallet. Are the funds all there?

Thank you for responding. I have not but I am going to now. I figured this out between your post and Folding Coin see below.

Thank you for this clarification; very helpful! Yes I was referring to the history tab. The transaction showed in blockcsan but not in the counterwallet history. I failed to reference the total wallet balance which is correct, therefore I will note this for next time and use both blockscan and coindaddy thanks to you and mtbitcoin. Kirk out.

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