Troptions Is The King Of Coins

TROPTIONS Is For Everyone,

If you have any questions about The King of Coins, these are answerable once you do several things.

1 Decide what it is you desire

  1. Locate who has it,

  2. Ask them to take your asset TROPTIONS in exchange for the item.

You see, the original idea of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto, was to be a “Peer to Peer electronic Cash System.: The idea was never to go from Bitcoin to cash to the item you want to acquire. The idea was to go from Bitcoin to the acquisition of product or services. Remember the 10,000 Bitcoins for a pizza 10 years ago? Perhaps not the best transaction but it was the design of Bitcoin.

Fourteen years before Bitcoin there was Troption! Originated from the Barter Industry the owner understood moving merchandise for its members and used the electronic systems with Troption. The digital Troption was used in peer to peer transactions for goods, services, or business. Once Crypto emerged on the scene, TROPTIONS went on the Blockchain using the ledger with decentralizing aspect, for accuracy, privacy, and security. Troptions Corp. has several branches of TROPTIONS, giving each individual unique options! Trade Options, it’s not a security, it is an asset used to trade for everything, worldwide. The list is huge and we will give you $50 worth of TROPTIONS for your story of how you’ve used them for your benefit. No one’s name will be used, Just initials.

Now if you want to get to CASH, using your crypto asset, this is the “Year of Liquidity for XTROPTIONS.GOLD.” Keep those emails coming and let us know how you’ve used the first proof of use coin “TROPTIONS”