I am trying to convert XCP (TROPTIONS.GOLD) into BTC. Exactly how and where do I preform this task?

Thank you very kindly.

I have been trying to find this out for months and it appears to be a mystery. I am following this to see if anybody who understands this will answer.

Hello everyone, I am a TROPTIONS.GOLD holder and to my knowledge converting TROPTIONS of any kind to BTC is not possible outside of a private exchange. TROPTIONS on the Tron Network (TRONWATCHMARKET) is listed however since the recent changes to the platform it now has a swap feature and the token # 1002515 is not currently listed. I reached out to the help desk “message board” and their response was the coin may be added in the future. Hope this helps. I am working with a few people using their TROPTIONS in different if you are interested.


Incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for your response. Would you please reach out to me via my email address at your earliest available time? I am very interested in working with you regarding my TROPTIONS, as well. My email address is: wbradhawkins@gmail.com. Thank you, again!


I have TROPTIONS.GOLD I am trying to figure out what to do with as well! Please include me in any email list that has updates on this crypto. ishtar.blessings@gmail.com

Hello, I definitely will reach out. There is a group of awesome individuals I’m working with that are using their TROPTIONS. We are creating newsletters and sending them out with all the companies/retail sites where you can also barter and trade.


Thank you for your info. Will you please explain how this group is using TROPTIONS? I’m really confused with determining my TROPTIONS.GOLD’s true value and appropriate method for exchange. I’m now working on the Bittrex platform to evaluate my options; however, the Counterwallet server seems to always be down so I am delayed with taking any action. Very frustrating.

No prob at all. I’ll email you the number for the conference calls that happen every Thursday. On the call you can talk to people that use it in different ways:
Real estate, retail, trade, barter, etc.

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Please this is my email address and phone number
I need help

Can someone help me with this also? I have would be willing to show the things I have tried to just change it over into something I can use. If anyone could help.me I would appreciate it. My email is jay251@outlook.com. I a new to this and it was given to me by a friend.

Hi, I have Troptions.Gold also on freewallet.io & been trying to figure out for months how to sell it or preferably convert it into Bitcoin. Please add me as well my e-mail is: missdreaiam@gmail.com
Thank You

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Anyone actually have luck converting this thing?

Hello I’m having the same situation did you get it resolved? I also received as a gift. After reading many articles I’m having some doubts. I hope you have a good report to share. Thanks in advance.

Hi, I am trying to convert xtroptions.gold to BTC no luck also. Did you find a way? Please email at goldat@pacbell.net

Don’t think that is possible unless you do a P2P trade with a person. XTROPTIONS.GOLD is not a ERC20 TOKEN.

Someone gave me some xtroptions.gold for helping them move and I have no idea what to do with it. My email is cwlwalker1994@gmail.com I appreciate any help

Mr. Walker
We will work with you on any informational or potential solutions to your initial request, Xtroption.gold What is it ? You ask ! Where can I turn it into hard cash USD?
Depending on how many Xtroptions gold owned and possessed ? ability buy various things like a car or house or fund a business but like all financially backed assets and financing instruments available! You must know how to use it correctly as an asset for swapping back to USD in a business transaction or personal asset of value aka hump some boxes! Digital Value supported by the blockchain NO Knowledge NO VALUE ! you can email me at BLTDTrust@gmail.com Aloha !

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I have a gazillion troptions and just want to use them on something. Can you help me please? Dan
landmarkgroup@shasta.com 541 291 7355…please get in touchThanks

I have many Troptions as well. Please let me know if you found out if they can be utilized. I can be reached at landmarkgroup@shasta.com

TROPTIONS is now on the KnightsBridge exchange you can sign up for the exchange by going to TROPTIONSXCHANGE.COM