Troptions coins

I recently acquired troptions. I see it has a XCP symbol. Are they the same? If not can i trade them.fro.XCP or BTC?

It is a counterparty asset, so you can trade it with XCP.

I have the XTroptions, can that onr be traded as well?

Same answer :slight_smile: It is a counterparty asset, so you can trade it for XCP on counterwallet.

Hello, I need some advice on how to deposit XTROPTIONS.GOLD into a wallet so that I can trade for XCP. Thanks in advance for your help!

Create a counterwallet and goto exchange to see the current buy and sell orders for XTROPTIONS.GOLD vs XCP.

Transfer XTROPTIONS.GOLD into counterwallet address. You also need some btc bitcoin for transactions so put e.g. 0.001btc to the same address as counterwallet has same address for all tokens and btc.

Thank you appreciate the help :slight_smile: !

Is there a way to convert Counterparty to Bitcoin?

You can convert XCP to BTC using the built in Decentralized EXchange (DEX), or you can use a centralized exchange like