Hello everybody so the past 24 hours I had been in a complete scramble because someone bought my car for crypto, I thought it was in bitcoin but it was actually XTROPTION.GOLD funny thing is, is that I made a watch only address for the scammers account and he owns over 80% of the total issuance of it on the market if you want to see yourself the address is 1G79GcUC13oeWd3abUN4azH1agumHoQEny
But I just wanted to say know that it HOLDS NO VALUE there is barely anything on it and it took until now to figure this out just so this doesn’t happen to you.

1 Like are a type of crypto that is a trade option. Created to be traded peer to peer, they are traded around the country and their is several websites that explain how to use to use them. The Troptions University is one of them. I’m sorry you misunderstand what they were…and how they can be used…


Funny that account has a value of over $358,618,532.00 NO Value? The problem is people like you that dont know how to use a crypto that’s been around longer than any other. 18 yrs. As both a barter coin and now crypto coin. And one of the only proof of use coins on the market. Your wallet has been used several times so your full of crap. Idiot!