Token generator

This comment posits an interesting idea which is to create a service that registers and then transfers a new token to a user’s Bitcoin address. They would login, check if a token name is available, choose their settings such as initial issuance, locking, callability and would then pay in Bitcoin to start the issuance. After the issuance is confirmed, the service would transfer ownership of the token to the user’s address.

I’m not planning to build this myself but it could be helpful from a UX perspective for folks who want to issue or claim a token name but don’t want to go through creating a wallet, buying XCP and doing it themselves.

I misread this the first time around. So basically it'd be like a squatting service :-) 
For folks who don't really want to do anything with the assets, but just take the name. 
Well, maybe some money could be made that way. may be in best position to do this, I guess?

For those curious about the "manual" procedure: (or indeed Counterwallet) can be used to check for taken names - here's how to issue asset in Counterwallet

This would actually be pretty easy to make. Im considering it