About Token generation

Dear Madam.
When i tried to generate tokens on my wallet.
i faced on the issue that doesn’t allowed me for choose the name for that.
what can i do for that or is that possible for your guys to help me for generate that?



When you say “generate tokens” do you mean you are selecting “Create Asset”?

What wallet are you using?

Dear Dante.
Thank you for your reply.
My wallet is : https://wallet.counterwallet.io

We need to issue tokens for our project. Actually, we have sent our request through forum but unfortunately,we didn’t get any answer. The problem is that we’re following token procedure as it was said in the instruction provided in : https://counterparty.io/get-started/#create-token. However, when we reach the stage that we want to name our token, we encounter a problem, in other words, this option is not active. Please help me and provide your guidance on how I can finish this procedure.
Thank you in advance.
With regards,

I think you are saying that you want a named asset. In order to do that you need to have XCP in the address you are using to do the creation with.

You also need to have a small amount of Bitcoin in that address as well.

You are not being offered the option of creating a named asset because there is no XCP I would assume.