Creating a Token - Ethereum, Omni, and now Counterparty...all errors

Been trying to make my own token for a few days now on different platforms…and to be honest they all suck so far.

This is the error I’m getting from Counterparty- would appreciate some help:)

Type: Server error

Code: -32000

Message: {“code”: -32001, “message”: “Error composing issuance transaction via API: [‘insufficient funds’]”}

’ (API method: create_issuance).

Do you have at least 0.5 XCP and a bit of BTC (around 0.001 or more) on your address?

Yes, I changed the symbol and description and it worked, however its strange because it didn’t
alert me that the previous symbol couldn’t be used. Now I’m stuck with a crypto that I don’t want
called DDAD…is there a way to delete it from my counterparty?

What name did you want it to have? Chances are very good you can still have it show up that way in your users wallets with this counterparty improvement proposal we’re in the process of implementing.

I think BVAM is going to turn asset names or numbers into basically our equivilent of vehicle license plates. You can pay more for a vanity (named) asset or less for a numbered asset but both types will be attached to much greater information than you can shove onto the license plate itself, and that information is what will be seen by users so the analogy breaks down but you probably get the point.

So, if I don’t own the asset WIFI, I can generate a free numbered asset and use the BVAM to make it show up as WIFI in a wallet?

I’m not understanding much of this to be honest:)

I was able to create the XPER token, the description must of been too long.

Can I send my XPER token to any bitcoin wallet? How would they get that XPER out of the wallet?

Is there a way to crowdfund with counterparty?

APP concept is generating quite a bit of interest and we really need a
developer who can work with us on the wallet aspects of the app and
crowdfunding using bitcoin. (website is moving slowly up from noob stage)