Sweeping problems

I follow the steps to sweep SJCX from a non-counterwallet wallet (with some founds in BTC) and get this message:

The sweep from address 1DXXXX… is complete.
Sweep results:

SJCX: Funds not sent due to failure.

This action will take some time to complete, and will appear as a Pending Action until confirmed on the network. Until that time, the wallet will not reflect the change. Please be patient.

any suggestions??

I’m getting the same error. Counterparty does not have any reliable support (I know, I’ve reached out to them for some serious matters and NEVER got a response). I’m so frustrated with this wallet and they’ve basically held our BTC hostage because the wallet is so bad. I own multiple blogs and social media pages and I am doing a write up soon about this very bad product and the lack of support.

There is the manual sweep instructions but it is very complicated.

Thanks for the answer foldfinger i will move to this thread