Storj SJCX sent to bitcoin address

I am trying to sweep some SJCX sent to my jaxx btc wallet back to my SJCX counter wallet. (Accidentally sent SJCX to a bitcoin address.) During the process I am using private key from Jaxx wallet to import through counterwallet and the process allows me to paste private key and shows the sjcx I am trying to sweep back. However the sweep never completes. After approx 15 minutes an error dialog box pops up with “error” that is the extent of the description. I have tried multiple times over the last 30 or 40 hours. (One thing I noticed is the SJCX that are still in my counterwallet SJCX account have a lock on it.) any help would be appreciated.

Sweep is sometimes buggy but you can do a manual raw transaction instead.

Thanks, I did read that earlier. I tried to use coinb,in. to create raw transaction, verify, sign and broadcast. I am “sort of” confident I got all the fields correct but when I broadcast it comes back with an error 18 - funds spent. not really sure what I should try next.