Swarm and access to counterwallet

I had a counterwallet with swarm coins in it however I can no longer access this wallet. Can anyone offer any advice as to how I can get access to it?

Thanks but I haven’t forgotten my passphrase - I have that accurately recorded in several places. The problem is that when I enter the passphrase on the counterwallet page it asks me to accept the terms (which I do) and then hangs.

I wondered whether it was because Swarm had removed my digital currency and locked my account? I can’t find anything online about them anymore and they are not answering my emails.

Would SWARM have had access to my account?

Which browser do you use?
Have you tried with another browser?

Thank you. I was using Edge and it just hung - I tried IE now and it prompted for Chrome, Firefox or Safari. I tried Chrome and it worked fine.

Do you know how one would go about trading SWARM coins? I appreciate they are pretty low value however I can’t find an exchange that deals in them.

Thanks for you help


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