[Swarm] [Role] Social Media Monitor

Do you get a kick out of analyzing and tracking the social web?

Our [iurl=https://forums.counterparty.co/index.php/topic,350.0.html]Social Media Taskforce[/iurl] needs volunteer Social Media Monitors to alert the swarm when Counterparty gets mentioned on the social web.

If you want to be one of our Social Media Monitors there’s no need to ask permission - simply pick up the role and start doing it! There’s no minimum (or maximum) amount of time you need to contribute, and every minute you spend is greatly appreciated by the community. 

How you can help -
[li]Monitor (or generally keep an eye on) the social web, and when you discover mentions of Counterparty, post the link on our [iurl=https://forums.counterparty.co/index.php/topic,351.msg2415]Social Media Alerts Thread[/iurl].[/li]
[/list]Use this thread to  -
[li]Introduce yourself to the team (entirely optional).[/li]
[li]Explore how we can best approach the challenge of monitoring and researching the social web.[/li]
[li]Discuss useful social media monitoring tools that might help to automate the work.[/li]