[Swarm] What is the Social Media Taskforce?

[size=1.35em]What is the Social Media Taskforce? [/size]

We’re a group of volunteers within the [iurl=https://forums.counterparty.co/index.php/topic,347.msg2413]Counterparty Swarm[/iurl] who monitor the social web and help to promote Counterparty via social media (on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and on blogs, and so on).

This involves - 
[li]Noticing when Counterparty is mentioned (or should be mentioned) on social media websites, and [iurl=https://forums.counterparty.co/index.php/topic,351.msg2415]alerting the swarm[/iurl].[/li]
[li]Responding to [font=verdana][iurl=https://forums.counterparty.co/index.php/topic,351.msg2415]alerts[/iurl][/font], so that we can educate, correct misunderstandings and promote the project. [/li]
[li]Starting new conversations about the project and [iurl=https://forums.counterparty.co/index.php/topic,360.0.html]brainstorming new opportunities[/iurl] for exposure.[/li]
[li]Giving us a voice in wider discussions involving Bitcoin, altcoins, P2P, or finance in general.[/li]
[/list][size=medium]What can I do? [/size]

We need - 
[li][iurl=https://forums.counterparty.co/index.php/topic,352.0.html]Social Media Monitors[/iurl].[/li]
[li][iurl=https://forums.counterparty.co/index.php/topic,353.0.html]Social Media Advocates.[/iurl][/li]
[/list]These are two separate roles, but you can do both.

You don’t need to ask permission to help out, just pick a role and get started!