No deposit of my BTC funds on counterwallet


My BTC withdrawal to counterwallet doesn’t appear on the wallet! The withdrawal has been processsed but the funds aren’t on counterwallet!

If you want support, you need to give details that can be used to help resolve your issue.

Paste your transaction hash here

here the transaction:


It appears you sent 0.01 BTC to 1BrS46Q9apzLGFezw3FcnFVPtcFBvkzdH3

That address contains the 0.01 BTC balance which you can confirm at :

Now if I understand you correctly, your saying your BTC balance shows as 0 in counterwallet.

Can you please do the following :

  1. Login to counterwallet using the 12-word passphrase you were instructed to write down
  2. Verify that address 1BrS46Q9apzLGFezw3FcnFVPtcFBvkzdH3 is displayed in your wallet on counterwallet.
  3. Please take a screenshot of your browser which includes :
    a. the address 1BrS46Q9apzLGFezw3FcnFVPtcFBvkzdH3
    b. showing a balance of 0 BTC

I would like a screenshot in order to confirm that your logged into the wallet with no balance showing, and that there is indeed an issue. :slight_smile: