Some problem


I wish acquire SJCX, then from countwallet I have send BTC at my countwallet address: 19kms8nL84DQ5kX8jsfgsUr3tchjpd1Gi7, and click to burn it to have XCP, have do nothing… No XCP… what I have doing wrong?
After I have acquired XCP and SJCX by from BTC. I can’t send XCP to my wallet because the minimum amount is 5XCP, why this limit? But SJCX seam have work, it’s not a problem have only SJCX and no XCP?
Sorry for my poor english level. I wish just try the system to see how it work.


My question it’s more: counterwallet/counterparty is not the problem? What’s about burn directly into counterwallet my BTC?

You need to ask Poloniex, not here.

I answered your question, but let me paste again the very first step:


Was BTC (or XCP or Counterparty asset) actually sent?

For BTC, go to and paste in your Counterwallet address to make sure that the transfer is showing up there.  

For your practice, an example of a transaction to address 1DUW7qtpSaphDR32gxLtrcJCwK7tgJVGaK is available here.

For XCP and Counterparty-based assets/tokens/coins, go to and do the same. 


One important point, there is no more burning BTC to get XCP. At this point you must exchange currency for XCP or acquire it by providing goods or services.

0.03 BTC was received (

What weex said: you can’t buy anything with BTC inside of Counterwallet.
Actually you can buy SJCX at Poloniex (, so it’s best to send that BTC back and buy SJCX there.

(You can buy SJCX with BTC on the DEx, but it’s too complicated… You could export your private key and leave BTC in the wallet and then from your client trade on the DEx using CLI. The process is documented here:, but I wouldn’t recommend it to a new user).