SJCX transfer status stays 'pending'


In an attempt to transfer SJCX tokens to convert them to STORJ, I followed the instructions and sent my SJCX tokens to the dedicated address.

Only now Counterwallet shows the action as ‘pending’ for three days, and the blockchain shows now pending transactions from my counter wallet address. What is happening and what can I do?

Counterwallet address: 1DZvAU6bUdGMbYGG8mDXdsHZDqsFNP4grt
SJCX deposit address: 15D5SfpR5YbafwMQLUYmpnV5FJTz8DCuqH



I can see SJCX received there now, do you?

Yes, I do.

The solution was to switch servers (from to The transaction is now waiting for confirmation.

Thank you for looking into it!