Deposit of SJCX in a new wallet

Hi All,

I made a deposit from poloniex of SJCX into my wallet and in my wallet there are only BTC and XCP valute. I don’t know how to create a SJCX field into a wallet or if I have to do this , anyway now my SJCX are into BTC and not SJCX .
How can I fund a wallet of SJCX into counterwallet?


You don’t have to create any field, you just need to send SJCX (or whatever other Counterparty asset) to one of your wallet’s addresses.

I think what you are actually seeing is that your SJCX has not arrived yet. Give it a few hours.

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Thank you for the answer my doubt was because I see a balance >0 into the BTC field.
Ok I wait .

It can take up to couple of hours for Poloniex to send a Counterparty asset. You can monitor your own address (to which you sent the funds) on or other Counterparty block explorer, like this:
There are more automated ways to monitor addresses and receive notifications (they’re documented on this forum).

Yes , now I can see the SJCX in my balance . Thank you something for your help .