SJCX token locked and not transferred

I use storj.and first was transferred.
but there is no transfer after the second time.
last message is “Token locked”

1, Why was it locked?
2, What will happen to the transfer after being locked?
3, How to unlock

my address15x5KAKtm8XikPzeHtSR5P7uFaZckxD1Sd

8/15/15 12:22:47am Token transferred from address 15Rs7YLUP4NdZF37a4GEsiCxEwnAKHWeUd to address 17VLRV4y7g15KNhCepYvgigHHvREzbEmRn
8/23/14 5:25:51am Token locked
8/23/14 4:39:01am An additional 396,383,970 units issued. Total issuance increased to 500,000,001.02 units
7/27/14 5:22:25am An additional 1,296,975.799999997 units issued. Total issuance increased to 103,616,031.02 units
7/27/14 1:06:02am An additional 318,955.2199999988 units issued. Total issuance increased to 102,319,055.22 units
7/18/14 10:12:24am An additional 1,000,000 units issued. Total issuance increased to 102,000,100 units
7/18/14 9:35:51am An additional 1,000,000 units issued. Total issuance increased to 101,000,100 units
7/18/14 9:21:10am An additional 100,000,000 units issued. Total issuance increased to 100,000,100 units
7/18/14 9:02:15am Token transferred from address 13FfNS1wu6u7G9ZYQnyxYP1YRntEqAyEJJ to address 15Rs7YLUP4NdZF37a4GEsiCxEwnAKHWeUd
7/11/14 10:15:33am Token created with description ‘’ and total issuance of 100 units. Owned by address 13FfNS1wu6u7G9ZYQnyxYP1YRntEqAyEJJ

1.) The lock indicates that the SUPPLY is locked… meaning no more SJCX supply can be issued.

2.) Asset ownership can still be transferred even if the supply is locked… in fact, asset ownership was already transferred a year ago.

3.) You cannot unlock the supply… otherwise there would be no point in locking the supply.

thanks response.

1, Can I transfer SJCX coin to this address “15x5KAKtm8XikPzeHtSR5P7uFaZckxD1Sd”?

  1. Why logs are not updated?(No one is transferring?)

  2. if anyone transfer to this address,I receive SJCX coin?

You can send any counterparty asset to any bitcoin address… so yes, you can send SJCX to that address

Not sure what you meant by why are logs are not updated… when funds are sent to your wallet, they show up AFTER they are confirmed… Plenty of people are sends assets back and forth all the time… you can see yourself at

Please visit and familiarize yourself with the platform before asking any additional support questions which could be answered by the documentation on the website. :slight_smile: