Send SJCX from Poloniex (Status: COMPLETE), money is not received

Hi, I’m send 10 000 SJCX from Poloniex to my Counterwallet Adress: 1Q6KEWYscCeLcm4MB6Z6K8nViBmo73VvLH, but money not receive.

Then I’m wrote to poloniex support.


Hi Stanislav,
I have re send your transaction, if you encounter any problem with it please reply to this ticket.
You can also ask any moderator on the trollbox to resend/cancel this kind of error and they will do it immediately.
Best regards,
Johnny Garcia
Poloniex Support

SJCX still did not receive.

Not receive.

Привет hzddevil, похоже ты говоришь по русски.
У меня была такая же проблема несколько дней назад,
Я так понял это проблема Полоникса, если деньги опять не придут на кошелек SJCX,
пиши им чтоб вернули деньги в депозит Полоникса.
Потом отправляй на кошелек небольшими частями, по теории, большая часть из них переведется,
но некоторые переводы будут с ошибкой. Удачи.

Спасибо. Написал им в саппорт. Попробую мелкими частями.

Same issues. I have been waiting for hours to get payment of storj from poloniex to counterparty. Any ideas what causing the huge delays. with both sending and receiving.

We can’t control what’s happening on the blockchain. If a transaction happens and gets enough confirmations from bitcoin miners, you’ll receive what was sent. If it fails, then you won’t.
For example hzdevil (above) complained on Jan 30, but even now the address shows that no transactions happened. If no transaction happened, we shouldn’t be surprised that the tokens haven’t arrived. And by the way status COMPLETE doesn’t mean that it’s complete. It’s complete when the blockchain says it’s complete (6 confirmations + a link to a blockchain explorer would be a good way to claim that).

Everyone needs to ensure the transaction happened and received confirmations. If this hasn’t happened, there’s nothing to investigate.

See this:

Edit: in CP slack someone mentioned that Poloniex moves funds several times during funds withdrawal process and that this takes quite a few confirmations, so COMPLETE in the Poloniex UI probably means one of internal steps has been completed. In that case one has to wait for the rest to complete as well and that can take some time and require that transaction is funded enough to be processed by the miners. Everything above still holds - this edit is only a possible explanation for the internal - “internal post-public blockchain workflow” when withdrawing from Poloniex and “post-public” workflow that happens inside of Poloniex when funding your Poloniex account.