Polo error when send sjcx to counter wallet

I have a problem whenever I try to send SJCX from Poloniex to Counterwallet. If I send SJCX to counterwallet, after a while Poloniex always shows up “ERROR” and the SJCX do not show up in Counterwallet. As a test, I also sent Bitcoin from Poloniex to Counterwallet and it worked out perfectly, there was no problem. What should I do?
Do I have to create a SJCX wallet first in counterwallet?

Hey, you have to create a support ticket at Polo they will fix it for you.

You can also talk to one of the mods at the trollbox and maybe they can fix it sooner.

This happens a lot at Polo with Counterparty´s transactions, they either take a really long time to send or receive or they show error, however they always fix it after contacting them.

Best of luck


chitty27 provided the correct answer, I just want to add that inside of your wallet you could add one more address (not a wallet) if you wanted to, but it’s not necessary (and it wouldn’t make a difference, the problem is with sending, not receiving, as chitty27 said).