Seeking Marketing Professional

[size=1em][font=verdana]As my focus shifts to assisting Evan (cityglut) and Robby (xnova) in establishing a strong base of businesses and individuals building on Counterparty technology, our team is looking for someone to head up our marketing efforts. This role has crucial importance to the project.[/font][/size]

Job Role
[li][font=verdana][size=1em]Develop press releases, tutorial videos, etc.[/size][/font][/li]
[li][font=verdana][size=1em]Maintain Counterparty social media presence, as well as conducting outreach campaigns[/size][/font][/li]
[li][font=verdana][size=1em]Central role in interfacing with the Counterparty user community[/size][/font][/li]
[li][font=verdana][size=1em]Provide informational project status updates and work with the community to coordinate outreach efforts[/size][/font][/li]
[li][font=verdana][size=1em]Form relationships with and interact with members of the press[/size][/font][/li]

[li][font=verdana][size=1em]2+ years marketing experience preferred[/size][/font][/li]
[li][font=verdana][size=1em]Excellent written and verbal communication skills[/size][/font][/li]
[li][size=1em][font=verdana]An interest and knowledge in [/font][font=verdana]cryptocurrencies[/font][/size][font=verdana] and the 2.0 [/font][font=verdana]space[/font][/li]
[li][font=verdana][size=1em]Ability to communicate technical concepts at a high level, in an easy to understand matter[/size][/font][/li]
[li][font=verdana][size=1em]Able to dedicate at least 20 hrs/week to the effort[/size][/font][/li]

In addition to any donations provided by members of the community, we are prepared to offer compensation in a mix of XCP and BTC. Exact compensation will depend on qualifications.

Contact if interested.