Rounding? And, First?

I just put an order to buy XCP on-exchange! (w00t, first non-burner?  8) )

My order got rounded OR it’s showing up incorrectly in the market command.  (Thought I was above the best bid, turns out I ended up on second best.  Maybe the matching engine will handle more accuracy, while the IO stream/print statement doesn’t)

IMO, at the point of confirm, it should prompt you if your order will be rounded on exchange.

Now - what happens if I get filled?  It rounded down, so I’m okay - but if it had rounded up - yikes!  Similarly on the flip side, for sellers.

I see that there is a HOT FIX for something to do with rounding, on test, as of 6 days ago.  If nobody replies, I’ll look at this tonight.

FWIW, that’s me, bidding on 76 XCP @ 0.001307 (8c9a…)  …this is so cool!