Order Not Showing Up in XCPCARD/XCP Market

I have an order in the XCPCARD / XCP market pair. The orders shows up on My Open Orders but it doesn’t show up in the Buy Orders area.

I tried posting a screenshot but it says new users don’t have those permissions.

“Buy Orders”: do you mean “Markets”?

I used testnet.counterwallet.io to try. I created a buy order (buy 1 TEXCOIN for 1 XCP) and it’s visible both under Markets > My Open Orders (for TEXCOIN/XCP) and under My Open Orders.

My order shows up in My Open Orders, but it doesn’t show up in the market itself under ‘Buy Orders’

There are Sell Orders there but no Buy Orders even though I have an open buy order.

Here is a screenshot. http://i.imgur.com/AqPON77.jpg

Look in the top right corner, under “My Open Orders”.

I believe your own order isn’t listed below (where all “market” orders are) to make sure you don’t pick it and end up trading with yourself.

No that is not true, they show up on every other market pair page as I have several open orders in different markets and this is the only one where my order doesn’t show up in both locations. It isn’t visible to anyone else either. I’ve had this issue before and someone had to manually fix it.

Can you be more specific? Who fixed it - a Counterparty developer, the CW instance operator or someone else?

I had to dig through my email to find this. This is how it got solved the last time. This was the last message I received from support. They had to open the issue on github to get it fixed.

It’s hard to know who it was, support didn’t use names the way it was set up previously. The way its done now isn’t how support was set up the last time. They used to have a chat and didn’t identify themselves.

Hi Romes,

O.K. We have notified the devs and created an issue on github for this. The cause is currently unclear but we will definitely get back to you once we know anything.

Thank you for your quick reply.

Best regards,
Counterparty Support

Ticket: https://support.counterparty.io/helpdesk/tickets/1081

They never did get back with me but the issue was fixed the next day, my order then appeared on the market pair.

Currently I am having this issue in a few different markets. Whats strange is, they were present, meaning, I could see my open orders on the Buy Orders area, but today for some reason they aren’t there even though my orders are still open.

Odd stuff anyhow. Frustrating though because you pay a fee to place the orders, then no one can see the order and they don’t get filled while other peoples orders do, then you end up losing the fee after the order expires.


This is what I was curious about. If we knew what the bug was, I could check whether it was really fixed, or maybe a workaround that consisted of automatically restarting the service every X hours (this is incidentally how it’s done on counterwallet.io right now, every 8 hours).

I’ll try to find out more.

This issue never did get resolved. I have a new open order in the same market ‘XCPCARD / XCP’ and am having the same issue again.

I also cannot upload screen shots to show my issue and since I linked it to a 3rd party site the last time, that option has been disabled and will no longer allow me to even link a screen shot in a support post.

I don’t have the same issue in some other markets but this issue is frustrating because it costs me BTC in fees for opening orders that aren’t actually opening for anyone else to see on the market.

@ivana could you help resolve this issue? I know periodically folks have issues with the DEX, i myself have as well.

Romes for your trouble I would not mind reimbursing you for the BTC dust you sent as its not that much, and hopefully we can resolve the issue for you :smiley:

So i will check the market and see if i cant see the order, one moment…

So i see two sell orders, one for 100 XCP and another for 500 XCP, are either of these you?

Hi @romes,

Sorry for your troubles. I’ve enabled new users to add images, attachments and links, so hopefully the screenshot issue should be resolved for you.

Regarding the DEx issues, unfortunately I wasn’t able to reproduce this scenario. I created a Buy Order and can see it both under ‘My Open Orders’ and ‘Buy Orders’ in the Market. Wonder what could be the preblem here :confused:

I’ll see if I can give this a test on mainnet. Without reproducing the issue it will be impossible for a dev to fix it.

Hi Romes, can you make another DEx offer (you can set the price to make it unlikely that anyone would buy) using the same asset pair?

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve replied or updated this topic but surprisingly upon attempting to trade again I am having the same identical issue.

It seems random, like some market pairs work fine, others don’t.

I placed 4 orders yesterday evening in 4 different market pairs.

2 of my buy orders show up in the available buy orders, and 2 of them don’t.

In the first image is the XCP / Ethereumcard market pair. As you can see, the order does not go into the available orders area, although it shows I have an open buy order in my open orders but noone else can see that I have an open buy order because it doesn’t actually get listed on the market pair page.


In the second image is the XCP / Genesiscard market pair. Same situation as above.

Now for the 3rd image, this is what it should look like, an example from one of the market pairs where my order actually was entered correctly.


I was a little surprised that this issue still remains as I can’t fathom that others have no encountered seeing it or having contacted support for a fix because it costs bitcoin to place orders and that means people are spending bitcoin to place orders that don’t even get posted correctly.

So I hope this will lead to some type of resolution or fix because it is frustrating.

I had to use hyperlinks to the images because it won’t allow screen shots to be posted due to the 100kb file size limit.

Could it be related to the length of the asset name?

When you created these orders, were they visible in places like https://xcpdex.com/orders or http://blockscan.com/order?p=1&f=2&asset=XCP ?

I am not sure as I didn’t look but I will place new orders tomorrow and take a look and let you know. Thanks for the reply.

I do see them here…


Also here


However they do not show up on the https://wallet.counterwallet.io market pairs. I also notice other peoples orders are also missing at the https://wallet.counterwallet.io site that show up at the other two locations.

For example I can see other people have buy orders with prices higher than mine at the https://xcpdex.com market pair pages, however I don’t see their open orders at https://wallet.counterwallet.io either.

As I mentioned a while back, I had to have a market pair fixed once by someone in support, they went in and editing something in the code to fix the market pair so the open orders were able to be viewed in a specific market. Something wasn’t linked to the database correctly and open orders weren’t showing up and someone, not you someone, but another someone was able to fix it.

As an example. In this market:

https://xcpdex.com/ETHEREUMCARD it shows there are 4 open buy orders with the lowest being 10 ETHEREUMCARD at 1 XCP each and the highest being 2 ETHEREUMCARD at 18 XCP each.

However, at https://wallet.counterwallet.io , only 1 buy order shows up, the 10 ETHEREUMCARD at 1 XCP price, the other 3 buy orders are not listed there.

So obviously something is not right.