Recover XCP after 2 transactions in/out Electrum wallet?


I have done 2 transactions and as a newbie to XCP, I think I screwed things up, and wonder if I can still recover my XCP :

  • First I purchased XCP from an exchange and sent it to my Electrum wallet. I realized that it XCP was not “recognized” by Electrum wallet and that it show a very small equivalent BTC amount instead
  • So I transfered all my BTC from Electrum to, but XCP is still not recognized, it only shows a BTC balance.

I consulted resources on this forum to “sweep XCP or BTC from a wallet” or similar entries, but I can’t see how to apply it to this case.

Are the XCP still recoverable after 2 transactions like this ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you,

Don’t worry, the XCP is still there.
You will need to get the private key from the exact address with XCP in electrum.
I’m not familiar with electrum but im sure they have guides, forums, etc for this.

Then you will need to transfer some BTC to that address. This is needed to cover miner fees when you later sweep the XCP.

Finally try the sweep function in Conterwallet.

Thank you very much for your quick answer!
I followed these steps and the sweep function does detect the XCP balance, that’s great.

However I don’t have validated the sweep yet because I got this message “Counterwallet cannot sweep all of the tokens you selected. Please send 0.000356 BTC to address 1Fty************************** and try again. OR use the following fields to pay fees with another address”

=> I find this weird because I have like 0.06 BTC already on this wallet, and I guess there is not a 150€ fee to sweep about 10 XCP so far (the message looks like it will use all the BTC on the wallet just to make this sweep).

Is there something I’m missing?

Thank you,

Edit : the Sweep function has evolved and now detects the right balanced of BTC. After several attepts the sweep was finally accepted. Thank you for your help.