Recover tokens from private key

Few year ago I bought storj coin and sent them to my counterparty wallet. I did not saved my memonic master key but instead I saved the private key of the address that had all my tokens. Now I’m trying to recover my tokens but I have some difficulties, any counterparty wallet only let you recover from the memonic, non a single private key. On counterwallet there is a tool that let you merge the address prividing the private key, but unfortunately I tried from multiple bowsers and it never works (get stuck and gives and error after some time).

Do you have an idea how I can recover my tokens? It’s frustrating that I have everything but I can’t find the right tools out there.

You might want to try using as it allows you to import a private key and use the associated address (send funds, etc)

1.) go to
2.) create a wallet
3.) go to change wallet address
4.) click + in upper right hand corner to add new address
5.) Select ‘Import Private Key’
6.) Import the private key and press OK.

The address associated with the private key should now be in your wallet and you should be able to select the wallet, view balances, and send funds :slight_smile: