Quick/easy question re armory offline address

I set up an armory offline address with my xcp stored in a BTC address that was part of my armory wallet. There is a small amount of BTC in this address, as well as my XCP. I want to transfer all of my bitcoins in my armory wallet to my trezor. If i do this, the BTC address that has my XCP in it will go to 0. Is this ok? Should I send a small amount of BTC back to that address so that it has a small btc balance?

I will then plan on keeping my offline amory computer just for XCP because it controls the address my xcp is stored in.

Thanks and Please correct me if I am wrong anywhere

Yes, you could leave a small amount of BTC (say, 0.0001) at the address to be able to send your Counterparty assets later on. Or you can transfer everything but the dust amount and fund your XCP address with a small amount of BTC prior to making Counterparty-related transactions with it.

It doesn’t matter if you have any BTC at that exact address, because the BTC fee can come from any other address where you have BTC. Correct me if I am wrong.

I was wrong. See below.

I asked about that a while ago here: