Problem of Transaction

Hi sir/ Medam
Hope all of you will be fine respected sir/Medam on 2-9-2023 I make a purchase through dispenser and send required BTC to that adress and also it’s deducted from my account but I did not receive my purchase thing kindly help me

Do you happen to have the transaction information for this dispense as well as the dispenser tx info?

There are a couple reasons why a Dispenser might not dispense:

  • You didn’t send enough BTC as set by the Dispenser in a single transaction

  • Your transactions was still unconfirmed when the last dispense happened, and thus the dispenser was closed when your unconfirmed transaction finally went through

  • The dispenser was already closed for other reasons

If you happen to know the address or addresses associated with the dispenser the community can help you look for the dispenser owner for a refund.

Let me know some more details of where you sent your BTC from, what dispenser it was etc. and we can try to figure out how to make it all correct.

From this adress I send BTC (My adrsss)


To this adress (Seller / Dispenser)

The adress to which I pay BTC


So I am looking at your transaction which was:

In which it shows you sent: 0.00063972 BTC

The receiving address shows a dispenser for 100 BITCRYSTALS for 0.00064000 BTC.

It looks like you did not send enough BTC for this dispense to occur.

Which Counterparty wallet were you using to make this transaction?

It may be the the fee’s you used to make the Bitcoin transaction were subtracted to the main amount with the wallet you were trying to send with and thus the amount of 0.00063972 was sent instead of the 0.00064 that needed to be sent.

Unfortunately the receiving address which the dispenser was on will be hard to track down, but it is not impossible to find out who it might be and get a refund.

In the future I would recommend using the most recent version of to use Counterparty and its functions as it is the most up-to-date with almost all Counterparty functions and does not have this fee subtracting error.

As long as I discuss my problem but from your side I not recive any help please help me about my transaction problem