BTC Sent - No XCP Recieved

Hi all,

I sent about 0.01+ BTC to a counterparty address so that I could buy some XCP. I placed an order on the dex and it shows 0.0107xxx BTC pay transaction (via Free Wallet) done and sent, but there was no XCP that was sent to me.

I figured out that I could sent BTC directly to a dispenser and get XCP and I tried that with a left over BTC and I could buy 1 XCP from there. Question is how do I get my 0.01 BTC back?

This is my address


Here is hoping someone can help me.

Note that there was no match for the BTC pay BUY order that I had placed.

Here is the transaction on xchain

Looks like the BTCPay sent the 0.01 BTC to the previous order which had already expired at the address 1Ckb2hB7WbxZfr9erwFkqYEMRCgP8Z3cJ5 which you can see in the 2nd screenshot.