All coins in my dispencer disappeared

i am fairly new to counterwallet. i had created a dispenser to sell some of my health coins. and after a few days they disappeared. i can not see anything in history as to were the coins went ie.sold or not. please help

1.) if you want help, you need to post technical details so people can look at the address or transaction and try to help you… right now your. just saying “help” but not giving any helpful info for people to track down what is going on

2.) Dispensers only dispense when they are sent BTC, so the only way the funds are gone from the dispenser is either some BTC was sent to the address, or you cancelled the dispenser… in either case, you can see what happened by looking at the dispenser address and the “credits/debits” tabs as well as looking at the dispenser itself

Could be you sent yourself some BTC and triggered the dispenser without intending to… which is why dispensers should be setup on new/emtpy/unused addresses… not addresses you use everyday.

Hope this helps a bit