[Pre-ANN] Casascius Coin Index


I’m looking to start a XCP token backed by real physical casascius coins. I’m the proud owner of 40ish 1BTC coins (and several others coins like titanmint) which are currently stored in a bank vault. This is why I don’t have right now the exact figures.

All of these coins are from 2011, 2nd serie (without hollogram error). By chance, 20ish of them are still in their original roll, made by Mike Cadwell, so they should be in perfect condition / mint state. These coins are considered to be a “standard” in the collectible business and most of the prices are fixed regarding this serie.

My idea would be: 

- Estimate the optimal number of coins which will back the CCI
- Find a banking or financial partner / sponsors of the project that would ensure coins holding (in a vault) and external audit.
- Evaluate the pieces one by one to have a perfect view of the asset. Unfortunately I’m in Europe and ANACS (MS grading company) is in the US. 
- Find a good strategy to emit XCP tokens on the market.
- Find a business model, scalable (other parts could be added in the future) and could also pay back some benefits. I think of partial sales at the given moment, by shareholder votes. 
- Establish an good communication and a nice website related to the project.

The purpose: 

- Show that it is possible to run this kind of project on XCP 
- Provide opportunity for everyone to own (a part with 1000 shares per coin e.g.) and speculate on the future value of these collectibles.
- The CCI would be the first essay to gain confidence. A door would always be open for similar projects and maybe bootstrap a new emerging economy based on real assets backing XCP tokens.

The twist:

- Coins can be considered composed by a collectible premium, which could be very valuable in the furure and bitcoins which are related to the coins. So CCI would be backed by premium and bitcoins §.


- I’d like to gather intelligence around this project, the best person to boostrap the project and find the best way to bring this project to fruition.

More info:

- A perfect condition Casascius coin 2011 serie 2 is worth ~3.5 to 4 or higher BTC.



Have you gotten in contact with the Digital Tangible Trust? https://www.digitaltangibletrust.com/ They use Counterparty to represent Gold and Silver bullion in an auditable manner.

A bonded pawn shop or a place like this http://www.cubeglobalstorage.com/ would be good. The trick is charging the storage fee because secure storage does have a cost. This is much easier if coins are each owned by a single owner as if that owner doesn’t pay their portion of the fee (from their holding address for transparency), you can “liquidate” the collectible coin, pay the proceeds minus a processing fee to the holder’s Bitcoin address, and call back the token. You should in this case create a unique token for each Casascius coin.