'How to buy XCP' info missing from the counterparty.co main site


There are lots of new crypto-investors screening coinmarketcap for new opportunities but when they click through to the main coinmarketcap.co site there’s no information explaining ‘how to actually buy some XCP’.

I’ve spend some time myself navigating the website with a perspective of a potential investor and all I found was documentation, binaries, some high level info but no information on how to buy XCP.

I don’t really know who to contact to make this happen but just putting up a button with ‘Buy XCP’ linking to Poloniex would be extremely useful to new users.


Definitely. Counterparty is so under the radar right now, but at least it shouod be clear where to get it (without having to go through the complicated setup).

Thanks guys, I’ll bring this to Matt and cityglut’s attention.

This should be added to the wiki with a list of all the places that offer XCP for sale.

Just wanted to step in and let you guys know this info is being added. Thanks for the suggestion.