Poloniex send SJCX (Status: COMPLETE), but the money is not received

Do you have social messaging up so we can we talk privately sir?.
I need your assistance and further knowledge on how can i manage things on my investments at coins.

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here are some comments from etherscan.io . and I can’t even find my txID which provided by poloniex and said it has been completed.

Hey, thanks for the kind words, but I really am just happy to help. Hopefully I can though. Unfortunately being that you sent from an exchange or non key held wallet the options are not ours to decide. Even if we wanted to just waste the coins to a node by doing an op_return, we really can’t even achieve that. Not that we would want to unless it was a last resort. Remember to that this is not a poloniex hold up it’s a Ethereum issue. Yes poloniex is or can be very laggy with token dispersal, for that reason alone I ONLY use Bittrex for token exchange or if I were to buy tokens I only use Bittrex due to their prompt handling of deposits/withdraws of tokens. As for Blockchain/CP Tokens that is. Ethereum based tokens I do not involve myself with so I have no right to give my 2 cents on them.

Ethereum itself I have stayed away from for a month now and most likely will remain steadfast on that decision. Quick profit is not worth steady growth of years of Bitcoin. Besides actually Bitcoin could fall under quick profit to an extreme actually at the moment.

So if you are being told the coins have been sent, look at your history and locate the tx id. If no id is present then Ethereum’s chain has yet to grab the tx yet OR though I’ve never heard this from poloniex but they could have said it to resolve a ticket. Again never heard anyone say that has happened before. But if no id is present email them back and ask for the tx id for your withdraw. They will not be able to just make one up so if they sent but still no tx id yet, then they are going to reply like I said, Ethereum has yet to index it or more specifically has yet to pick the tx and begin to index the sequence into a correct height. I hope this will get you the answers or closer to the answer you require.

Sorry I took so long to respond today. I’m in Michigan. But I’m up all different times. Tomorrow is my birthday and my mothers birthday so I may be busy with that but I never keep myself unavailable for long periods of time. So keep me updated, thx


Again Thank you so much … I already received my Ethereum today. Do u have any suggestions? shall I hold this up?
how about golem coins?. what can u say?.
Anyway, Happy Birthday to your mother. :slight_smile: Godbless your family always.

i have the same issue brother. can you please help me with these.
i have sent my FCT coin to polo wallet from BITTREX . in bittrex its showing complete and its been 2 days. not received the coin yet and no reply from the both partys from 2 days. what should i do ?