No 'callable' option when creating token

When I create an token in counterwallet, I do not see the the callable option. Is this feature not available no more.


You’re right, it was removed in v9.49.3 (2014-12-28).
Unfortunately there are outdated mentions of it in some docs.
counterparty-lib change log contains info about the removal, though.

Why was it deprecated ? It feels like this option is valuable. Is there some other way this functionality can be obtained?

No one was ever using it, and (IIRC) in some minor way it could be mildly abused.

I was wondering about it just yesterday because I wanted something like that for one of ideas I had.
The only way to buy back is to announce buybacks using traditional media, eg use Enhanced Asset Info which is show on Coindaddy and Blockscan to announce a link to buyback schedule or URL with more info.
You could also create a “buy wall” using Coindaddy’s vending machine, where you could buy back no questions asked.
But I don’t know of any way to buy back your asset from users unaware of your intention.

I think in case of material events that would warrant a rise in the price of a token, the issuer could call it back thereby profiting from inside info. I think this was one scenario in which callbacks could be used against the holders.

This option is still available through Counterparty CLI?

I think the callback option was removed late last year (this could be checked in change log, but I am mobile so it’s not easy).

@something is correct, it has been removed for now, may I ask what you need it for?

Ugh, that’s annoying. There’s documentation for this feature all over the place.

I’m working on tokens that would only be valid for a limited period of time. At the end of that time, I’d recall them, if this feature still existed.

I believe it will be added again in the future, the reason why its not now is because of some bug issues within it. I will keep you posted if i find out anything else and @brighton36 may be able to weigh in on if you could do it now by running your own nod, but i dont know

At a price determined by who?
What if the owners don’t want to sell at that price?

Can tokens still be callable by running your own node?

Callable was deprecated a while (2015?) ago because nobody was using it, but it may be reintroduced in the future if new use cases come up (one thing that’s been popping up lately is a feature request to allow the change of divisible to indivisible and vice versa, for which it would be mandatory to be able recall all holdings of a token; but it won’t happen quickly - subassets is a priority feature that’s being worked on).

You can’t help it by running your own node because there’s no callable API.
You can of course issue a DEx buy order for all outstanding tokens you want to buy back, but you can’t force someone to sell their token, so there’s no solution as long as callback method or equivalent functionality is missing.