BTC buy/sell from within Counterwallet

BTC Sell has been removed from Counterwallet. Please see the official announcement here. 

Because BTC Sell is going away, BTC Buy soon won’t be available either (as current BTC Sell orders expire).

BTC Sell and Buy remain available from the counterparty CLI.

Today a tutorial for BTC Sell (and Buy) and other trading on the DEx has been posted to the Counterparty Support site.

A tutorial for setting up Bitcon-Qt and Counterparty on Windows is available as well.

It is recommended to install the testnet and practice there first because typos and misinterpretations with “real virtual” assets can get bad.

In case of any issues, post them here on the forums.

Would there be a way to stop troll orders…

I haven't really considered that yet as I usually (the few times I tried to use the CLI) am the one who uses BTC to buy stuff and I issue orders only when I see a good offer that I want to take.

Now what would happen if I created a ton of fake BTC Sell orders? 
It's cost me the transaction fee and the other side could filter me out with  --fee-fraction-required to make sure I offered at least 1% or whatever they think is reasonable for them, so by using the smallest fee fraction possible I probably couldn't find many people to cheat.  

  --fee-fraction-required FEE_FRACTION_REQUIRED
                        the miners’ fee required for an order to match this
                        one, as a fraction of the BTC to be bought