New "sweep" transaction type

A number of users in the community have expressed frustrations with the “sweep” functionality both failing to work in counterwallet most of the time, as well as costing a bunch of BTC fees to transfer each asset/token individually.

Needmoney proposed an elegant solution to the problem a while ago when he proposed a new “sweep” transaction type which would simply take a new address as input and “move” ALL the assets/tokens to the new address. This would allow users to move their entire wallet to a new address with a single transaction instead of paying a transaction fee for every token moved.


Most sweep requests I saw were because of wrong send of counterparty asset to a pure bitcoin address. So to sweep it back a sweeping ALL asset transaction would be perfect.

I would welcome the solution.

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This would be a welcome addition useful for reducing fees and time required to do things like

  • separating groups of assets into different wallets for security purposes
  • enabling the selling of collections of assets
  • trading groups of assets in a single deal
  • sending multiple assets to holding addresses pending auction

Does anyone object to getting this funded and making it happen?

Liking this idea, someone should begin writing a CIP (i could help on the technical level). This could be a good candidate to code after CIP19 is finished.