Nearly impossible to use your services, bug reportS

first bug is that after creating a wallet i cant login, everytime its asking me to accept terms, which I did 10 times already, and then the page is frozen, cant login.

but its worst, its been awfully difficult to register on the forums to report the main problem.
404 not found
Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page

i dont know if your webmaster is very bad, if your sysadmin is very bad, or most probably both, but you wil get to nothing good with such a mess.

and please dont say “stop using firefox” the bug is yours. a decent webmaster and/or sysadmin is able to use grep and find that you have a mess of domain names, shit still pointing to old domains or whatever. and also if you dont want to support firefox, you should tell it clearly, like a big disclaimer “if you want to use firefox you cant use our services, we need to force you to use chrome”.

sorry to be mean, but I need to use your services, and I cant , and I m myself a sysadmin and webmaster.

Well, yes, it’s Firefox, so you already know the answer.

The outdated link issue has been fixed in Counterwallet develop branch, and will take effect in the next update.

Counterparty is an open source project that is run by the community… there is no single webmaster or sysadmin who runs everything… and yes, sometimes links get outdated and broken. If you find something wrong, please feel free to report it here.

Since by your own admission your a sysadmin/webmaster yourself, creating PR requests against the repos at should be relatively trivial for you. :slight_smile:

That does seem to be the running theme here :angry:

FYI… counterwallet has been updated to work with firefox again… until firefox changes something else which breaks counterwallet.

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Many thanks, I needed that to use counterwallet !